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CfT: Food Standards Agency - FS409014 - Food and You Analysis and Reporting
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Food Standards Agency
Food Standards Agency - FS409014 - Food and You Analysis and Reporting
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The aim of this FSA project is to analyse data and report findings from Food and You Research Waves 3 – 5. The project objectives are as follows: • At each wave, and in conjunction with the FSA, identify a number of key areas of interest from Food and You for further exploration. It will be important to work responsively with the Agency to develop ideas for analysis that are closely aligned with organisational objectives and priorities, so that clear research questions are agreed. • Devise research questions which relate to the identified areas of interest, and are informed by the relevant literatures. • Conduct analyses of the Food and You data to address the research questions. Data analysis could include investigation of changes over time, and further exploration of subgroup differences using a combined data set from all completed waves (where appropriate). • Consider the implications of the findings for a number of literatures related to the contents of Food and You. • Report findings in a series of working papers, to be published by the FSA and in peer reviewed journals. • Suggest any relevant additional research questions for future analyses.
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Research and development services
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A Public Contract
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73000000-Research and development services and related consultancy services
73200000-Research and development consultancy services
73300000-Design and execution of research and development
73210000-Research consultancy services
73110000-Research services
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30/07/2014 12:00
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11/07/2014 00:00
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30/07/2014 12:30
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13/05/2014 11:06
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